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This website contains photographs and video footage of the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes (hereinafter referred to as the "Kumamoto Earthquake") and the July 2020 heavy rains that may cause viewers to experience discomfort or stress.

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About the Digital Archives of Kumamoto Disasters

This site contains materials, photos, videos, etc. related to the Kumamoto earthquake and the July 2020 heavy rains.

The Kumamoto Earthquake was a series of earthquakes including two with an intensity of seven on the Japanese seven-stage scale of seismic intensity. It was the first time since records began that two earthquakes of such intensity hit the same area within 28 hours of each other, and it caused immense damage across the prefecture.

In addition, the July 2020 heavy rains caused enormous damage to the southern part of the prefecture, such as the flooding of rivers in the Kuma River basin due to record heavy rain.

In order to ensure the experiences of Kumamoto can be used constructively in future disaster situations, the Kumamoto Prefectural Government is taking measures to ensure that the various knowledge and skills acquired during the disaster and the recovery process are properly recorded, organized and saved for future generations.

This website makes publicly available a wide collection of written materials, documents and images in digital format. We hope visitors will be able to use the content of this website to improve and further strengthen disaster prevention measures taken in their homes, in their local areas, and in their workplaces.

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