About Kumamoto Earthquake

1 Overview of the earthquake

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake was an earthquake with an intensity of seven (on the Japanese scale of one to seven) that occurred twice in the same area within 28 hours for the first time in observation record.

The number of earthquakes with an intensity of one or more has exceeded 4,400 (as of April 30, 2018). The earthquake activity that continued long-term caused long-lasting evacuation and increased the number of evacuees who took shelter outside of evacuation sites, including evacuees staying overnights in the cars.

Foreshock Main shock
Date and time of occurrence April 14, 2016 at 21:26 April 16, 2016 at 1:25
Epicenter Kumamoto-prefecture Kumamoto region same as on the left
Magnitude M6.5 M7.3
Municipalities in which there were earthquakes with an intensity of lower six or higher Intensity of seven Mashiki Town Mashiki Town, Nishihara Village
Intensity of upper six none Kumamoto City, Kikuchi City, Uto City, Uki City, Koshi City, Ozu Town, Kashima Town, Minami Aso Village
Intensity of lower six 5 cities, towns, and villages 11 cities and towns
Kumamoto Earthquake Map
Foreshock:Date of occurrence April 14, 2016(sat.), Maximum earthquake intensity 7, Magnitude 6.5. Main shock:Date of occurrence April 16, 2016(sat.), Maximum earthquake intensity 7, Magnitude 7.3.

2 Damage situation

The Kumamoto Earthquake caused great damage, including the collapsing of houses and landslides, to Kumamoto prefecture, centering around Kumamoto City, the Kamimashiki region, and the Aso region.

Approximately 270 people lost their lives to the earthquake, including those classified as disaster related deaths. A total of 2,737 people were injured.

About 198,000 homes were damaged and there was tremendous damage to the infrastructure supporting the daily lives of the citizens. Main roads, such as the National Highway No. 57 and National Highway No. 325 Aso Ohashi, were torn apart, gas supplies were stopped, power and water outages and communication disconnection also occurred.

The cost of the damage to the prefecture is estimated to be about 3.8 trillion yen, according to the data released by the prefecture and related organizations.

Lifeline damage and recovery situation
4/20 full restoration of electric power, 4/30 full restoration of gas supply, 7/19 restoration of water, with the exception of directed and recommended evacuation locations.
Human damage / dwelling damage situation (As of March 12, 2021)
Human damage The number of people
Deceased 273 people
Direct death by earthquake…50 people
Disaster related death…218 people
Disaster related death caused by the heavy rain that occurred in June 2016…5 people
Injured 2,735 people
Dwelling damage The number of damaged buildings
Completely collapsed 8,642 buildings
Half collapsed 34,393 buildings
Partially collapsed 155,203 buildings
Total 198,238 buildings
Damage costs to the prefecture (Estimation as of September 14, 2016)
Category Cost Notes
Buildings (Housing-related) 2 trillion 37.7 billion yen Housing, household property, residential land
Water supply facilities 11.9 billion yen Water supply, simple water supply, industrial water supply
Electricity / gas facilities 28 billion yen Electricity, gas supply facilities etc.
Medical / welfare facilities 75.8 billion yen Medical facilities, social welfare facilities, etc.
Public civil engineering facilities 268.5 billion yen Roads, bridges, rivers, coasts, harbors, sewers, etc.
Highways 34.2 billion yen Kyushu Expressway etc.
Educational facilities (excluding cultural property) 94.4 billion yen School, social education facilities etc.
Other public facilities etc. 73.6 billion yen Prefectural facilities, municipal office buildings etc.
Public Transportation 8.6 billion yen Train, bus (except Minami Aso railway, airport building)
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 148.7 billion yen Agricultural land, agricultural facilities, agricultural and forestry fishery products, hillside collapse etc.
Commerce and Industry 820 billion yen Buildings, equipment, etc.
Cultural properties 93.6 billion yen Nationally designated, prefectural designated, municipally designated and undesignated cultural properties
Waste disposal facilities 90 billion yen Waste disposal facilities, waste disposal expenses
Total 3 trillion 785 billion yen